Q: Do you shoot digital or film? Why? A: I shoot digital as a default. The advantages of shooting digital are clear. Unlimited images can be captured and presented to the client without the additional expense involved. When I used to shoot film I always had to consider the number of rolls I’ve brought which results in many lost moments. Not so with digital. The quality of the images is terrific and getting better all the time (my opinion now surpasses film).

Q: How Many Images Do You Shoot For A typical Wedding? A: Every event is different and thus the number of images will vary. In general, anywhere between 250-300 images per hour will be photographed depending on the dynamics of the event, etc.

Q: Why Don’t You Require Set Packages Like Other Studios? A: I cater to couples that like the flexibility of not having to commit to print and album packages in advance unless that is important to them. Today, many young couples like the idea of owning their images and printing them, and doing their albums themselves, saving considerable expense and resulting in a much faster turn-around time. With that being said, I am also happy to provide you with professional prints and albums at additional expense. I offer the highest quality album options in the industry.

Q: How would you describe your Photography Style? A: I approach a couple’s wedding with a combined style of creative portraiture and photojournalism (candids). I also bring elements of fashion to your wedding as well. We believe that this approach offers the best of both worlds and captures a broader view of the couple and their guests than one style. Our clients clearly agree.

Q: What is the required deposit? A: I require a 25% non-refundable retainer fee to secure photographic services for your wedding date.

Q: When do we receive the images? A: Depending on the time of year, the images on a Flash-drive will be in your hands as soon as possible.

Q: Do you do table shots? A: I’ve found that couples and guests find table shots to be very intrusive, especially when people are eating. I prefer to shoot them as you visit each table greeting your guests during the dinner service and after you have eaten. As an alternate approach, each table can be shot in small groups, after the serving of any food, if time permits. Of course, if there are select tables that couples insist on having photographed, I am happy to comply.

Q: Is there an extra charge for shooting Multiple locations between the ceremony and receptions? A: Generally, no. Travel charges do apply to weddings that occur outside of the immediate service areas. This should be expected.

Q: What are your recommendations for a time frame for wedding photography? A: Typically, I shoot from 1-2 hours prior to the wedding up through the formal dances. I’m happy to shoot longer if you would like. I supply every Couple with a sample timeline that I encourage them to fill out one week prior to your wedding.

Q: How many photographers do you have shooting a wedding? A: My most popular package has two

Q: We’re new at this how do we schedule things so that our day goes smoothly? A: When meeting with Thom, he will consult with you on how to plan your day so as to make your day flow smoothly. Although I’m not a wedding coordinator, my goal is to see the couples enjoy their day and capture/document everything. My perspective is that I need to capture all that’s important to you today and 20 years from now. This is an added benefit to our experience.

Q: Why don’t you charge extra for Flash Drives and online galleries? A: When I started photographing weddings years ago, analog photography limited products and services. With the changes in technology available to consumers, expectations have changed. I’m a service-oriented business, and couples appreciate that I’m committed to providing great images at a great value. I know that weddings are expensive and can appreciate this fact. There is a lot of expense in paying for proofs and albums. Couples don’t want to pay for boxes full of pictures that they’ll never look at. I love working with couples who appreciate quality and value but are also resourceful. Couples love that I approach their day with their needs in mind. You’ve heard stories about photographers taking 1-2 years to get the photos/albums to their couples. To me, that is unacceptable, I work very hard to get the images to them as soon as possible.

Q: Why should we hire you? A: Look at my images, my customer feedback, the enormous number of positive reviews about me online, my pricing, and the fact that you own your images. The question is, why shouldn’t you?

Q: When can we meet? A: I’m able to meet with you at your convenience. Saturdays are often booked with events but the rest of the week is usually good.

Q: What happens if you become ill? A: I have some relationships built up with photographers who can shoot the wedding for you. If you're not satisfied with my choices I’ll refund your monies in full.

Q: Do you have backup equipment? A: Absolutely. Every photographer should bring a backup of everything in the event of technical problems.

Q: We live out of town, but we would like to hire you without meeting. Is this possible? A: Naturally, it’s preferable to meet you directly, however, it is not always possible. Oftentimes, I am hired without a meeting and would be happy to work with you if available for your date.

Q: I see you’re located in Lake Geneva. We love your work. Are you willing to shoot a wedding out of state? A: Thanks for the compliment. Sure, I shoot at least one wedding every year out of state. I consider my serviceable area to be 50 miles. When shooting out of this area, I do require that expenses ie; Transportation, lodging, and food, be covered.