Message From Jana P

Our photos were unbelievable! I have gotten so many compliments on them. We had some issues because of the different strong personalities among family members and Thom was able to make everyone comfortable and forget their differences I didn’t think it could happen. He brought along a second photographer and their was always someone in the right place at the right time. I highly recommend Thom you will not be disappointed.

Message From Kaity Galvez.

Thom was a dream to work with! Extremely professional, creative and personable. He knew how to make us comfortable in from on the camera and brought out the best versions of ourselves. Turn around time was quick and the quality was amazing. I would highly recommend Thomas Hooke Photography.

Message From Alice W.

I actually chose Thom based on his reviews and his relaxed journalistic style! He came highly recommended and definitely did not disappoint! I could not have been happier with a photographer. He was the photographer and not a service. I never had any trouble getting a hold of thom and he answered the million questions and concerns I had even within days of our wedding. Thom arrived early, which was fantastic! Throughout the day I never worried once, as he was capturing every moment in real time. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants professionalism, vision, and a genuine care and respect from their photographer. He took almost 2,000 pictures! Because of Thom’s flexibility and creativity, I have pictures from my wedding that I'm going to cherish for years to come. We had such a great time, he was professional and so casual, everything was easy and stress-free. He was amazing!!

Message From Rachel D

Thom Hooke was a dream come true! He was such a pleasure to work with and made it so much fun for Us and everyone involved. Our photos were unbelievable! I have gotten so many compliments on them how we all look like we are having so much fun, and it's because we actually were! Instead of the typical posed candid shots where your told to be laughing and not looking at the camera, We really were laughing and having fun! That is because Thom was so fun and made all my girls so comfortable it was so enjoyable. You can truely see it in our photos. Thom was extremely dedicated he even showed up before we did at the venue and had already scouted the whole place. I'm usually not one to show off pictures of myself or even post much on social media, but I can't help myself with these photos. I have shown them off so much and the reactions are so incredible! We could not be happier with our experience with Hooke photo and I recommend him one hundred percent.

Message from Christina and Fernando

Thom is seriously experienced and thorough. Beyond knowing ambient lighting he brings extensive commercial studio lighting skills into his work and gives catalog worthy results. If you want someone who isn't going to churn out formulaic shots and give you something both professional and unique hire Thom. He's the real deal!,

Message from Joe & Karen Skutas,

Dear Mr. Hooke

Thank you for the very professional wedding photography that you performed for my daughter on September 25, 2016. My wife and I were impressed how you seemed to be everyplace at the proper moment, yet I hardly noticed. I had visions of the wedding be taken over by the photographer. We have seen weddings where the photographer tries to takes control of the process demanding that the bride, groom and wedding party submit to a day and evening of photos removing them from the essence of the event, this did not happen with you. You did everything as promised, your dedication, hard work and professionalism is greatly appreciated. The photos were fantastic, Thank you for documenting a very important day in the life of our family. Sincerely, Joe & Karen Skutas

Message From Jeanie

Our daughter's wedding photos are absolutely breathtaking due to Thom's talent, vision, creativity and attention to detail. Thank you Hooke Photo for etching this beautiful day in to tangible memories to last a lifetime! Highly recommend!

Jeanie M.

Message From Mrs. P

I could not be more thrilled with my wedding photos! Thom Hooke is an incredibly talented photographer with a creative eye. Not only did my photos turn out beautifully, but we had such a great time taking them. Thom is great at making you feel relaxed so that the "real you" shines through. He is also great at handling a crowd and making sure you get the shots you want, along with the ones you would never think to get. I highly recommend Thom Hooke and look forward to using him in the future for family photos.

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