The Iphone has changed the way a lot of people view photography. Its made it simpler, easier, you don’t have to plan everthing, what camera am I going to use, what gear? It's always in your pocket. It’s a new found freedom, you can go out with just one lens and make beautiful pictures. Many people say ‘Oh it's been photoshopped’ but in the old days, it was very acceptable to dodge and burn on a print, It's just the same. You still need to have an eye for a good shot. That will never change. A lot of people can take a good photo of a sunset, but turning up at a commercial shoot to create a series of ads -- you still need a lot of skills to make that possible.

The Personal/Iphone Photograph is an attempt to express myself as a photographer. The passion of photography sometimes gets lost in the process of trying to please your subjects through your art. So shooting personal subjects is all about the freedom of expression.

Often in photography, we are directed to meet certain guidelines for specific types of work in order to take the perfect shot: simple things like focusing on the eyes of a portrait subject or ensuring you have some product or interest in your picture. Sometimes you need to just break the rules.

Visualizing the world around you and reacting to it photographically is inspiring and satisfying. Taking shots because they’re pleasing. Seeing a subject and then expressing it, helps me with my own personal vision.

I love to go out and capture new subjects. Keep my eyes open and explore. It’s very rewarding to not think about what I’d like to photograph but respond to what I am seeing.